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The Hive 2008 In Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie

28 Nov 2019

****About Hive 2008 Movie****

The Hive is a 2008 science fiction made-for-television film set in Thailand, directed by Peter Manus and written by T. S. Cook. Starring Tom Wopat, Kal Weber and Mark Ramsey, the film follows a group of scientistswho must deal with a swarm of man-eating ants feeding on the population, but eventually discovered that something was controlling the ants. It is the 8th film of the Maneater Series, it premiered on the Syfy channel on February 17, 2008.The film was released to DVD on August 5, 2008.

Written By :- T. S. Cook
Directed By :- Peter Manus
Starring :- Tom Wopat, Kal Weber,Elizabeth Healey
Music By :- Charles Olins, Mark Ryder
Country of Origin :-UnitedStates
Original Language :-English
Dubbing Lenguage :- Hindi
Producer :- Charles Salmon
Cinematography :- Kittiwat Saemarat
Editor :- Laurie McDowell
Running Time :- 90 Minutes
Production Company :- Thai Occidental Distributor :- RHI Entertainment
Release Date :- February 17, 2008

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