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Khoob Seerat - Episode 75 - 19 May 2020 - HAR PAL GEO drama

21 May 2020

Khoob Seerat - Episode 75 - 19th May 2020 - HAR PAL GEO

Dilkash and Mahira, though opposite in nature, are best friends. Dilkash is pure at heart and has always sacrificed her own needs for Mahira’s. Despite being secretly in love with Samar, Dilkash does everything possible to help Mahira and Samar’s union.

When a series of misunderstandings result in both their marriages falling apart, Mahira and Samar part ways with their life long bond broken. Though Dilkash feels sorry for her friend, Mahira starts to despise Dilkash’s married life.

In a world without trust and loyalty, will Dilkash be able to find a perfect ending to her story? Will Mahira ever be able to accept the reality of her situation? Or are the two friends destined to live separate lives?

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