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Teri Rah Mein Rul Gayi Ep-03 - Urdu1 TV Drama

13 Feb 2020

A love triangle that revolves around three diverse individuals tied in the strong bond of respect. Zehra lost her husband only after one year of marriage and since then her younger brother-in-law, Jahandad took care of her that inadvertently changed in the undeniable bond of love. Jahandad stood against orthodox feudal system strictly followed by his father Akbar Malik and went for higher education to the city; also to earn his living he started teaching at a local college.One of his students, Zubaria madly fell for Jahandad and made every attempt to win his heart but Jahandad never paid any attention to her. She took it as a challenge and attempted suicide that eventually led to his wedding with Zubaira.On hearing Jahandad’s wedding news, Zehra also tried to end her life but somehow survived. Jahandad traumatized and started staying with Zehra completely ignoring society and his wife.On the other hand, Akbar Malik had to marry Jahandad's childhood fiance to save his daughter's home that devastated all existing relations in the family.

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