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Chicken Malai Boti Recipe by Ruba Cooking Lounge | Chicken Malai Tikka | Creamy Chicken Boti | BBQ

10 Sep 2021

Chicken Malai Boti Recipe by Ruba Cooking Lounge | Chicken Malai Tikka | Creamy Chicken Boti | BBQ
Try this tasty Chicken Malai Boti/Tikka Recipe now and enjoy its amazing taste with family and friends.
Chicken Malai Boti/ Chicken Malai Tikka is a very easy-to-make recipe. I prepared it using very few ingredients. I used some cream and cheese to make it tastier and creamier along with few spices. Everyone will love it as it melts into your mouth with bursting flavor. I fried Chicken Malai Boti in Butter. It tastes great!
Sometimes I cook it in the oven, it even tastes great in the oven. So you can easily cook Chicken Malai Boti in the oven too or if you have an air fryer Chicken Malai Tikka can easily be cooked in the air fryer as well with the same great taste.
I really enjoyed making it at home as it was so easy and quick to cook using very few and all-time available ingredients at home and of course, having a mouth-watering taste. I hope you guys will also enjoy Chicken Malai Tikka at home the same way I did :)
Chicken Malai Boti/Chicken Malai Tikka can be served with rotis, parathas, chapatis, garlic naan, or with butter naan. It tastes great with all of them or you can eat it as it is with chutneys. I made two types of chutneys with Chicken Malai Boti. One is green chutney which I made using mint and green coriander and the second is yogurt chutney which is a mix of yogurt, green chutney, and some spices.
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