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The great annual 2 hour snowplow video of Montreal's $200M snow industry

24 Nov 2021

Introducing our third famous two-hour 4K raw video footage compilation of the great Canadian snowplow operations of Montréal, Québec, Canada. In a city where winter would otherwise strand an entire population, workers instead transforms it into a seasonal battlefield where convoys of large heavy duty snow clearing vehicles roll down the streets and snow graders plow busy roadways. In Montréal, the largest city in Québec and second largest in Canada, women and men from numerous contracting companies join their effort in an impressive display of large scale operations. Snowfalls occur weekly during the winter months, occasionally leaving fresh accumulations of over a feet (30cm) of fresh new snow in one day. The need for usable streets is essential for a city this size to function properly, so right after large snowfalls all hands are on deck. This compilation shows industrial backhoes mounted with large snow blowing front-ends use powerful rotating blades to cut through snow like butter. Powerful engines propel snow chunks at high velocity upwards in a manoeuvrable chute. Transport trucks follow in a queue to collect and fill the bucket with snow before carrying it to large man made snow dump sites across the city. At these locations, dump trucks raise their bucket to let snow out before being plowed ahead of the next step. Then, even more powerful snowblowers use extreme and sheer mechanical force to shoot snow up at a staggering height, forming hills that stand until mid-summer. On most boulevards highways and streets, trucks carrying loads of salt in chunks or a mix of sand and rocks plow and spread the non polluting element that thaws ice and snow accumulations for a safer drive. In the city of Montréal alone, it now costs nearly 200 million dollars of labour, equipment rentals and dump site location fees to clear the snow from roadways and sidewalks for about half of the calendar's year, every year.

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