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Elon Musk in Interstellar parody mashup

05 Oct 2020

This is a parody video of the water landing of the Falcon 9 booster B1050 that flew on CRS-16 mission. Follow me on twitter
Q: Is this DeepFakes?
A: NO. It was not made with DeepFakes technology, but with traditional, manual editing. DeepFakes doesn't generate this kind of results (it adapts face to a different person's head). Notice that I used actual phrases that Elon Musks said in various interviews. DeepFakes method would make him talk with Matthew McConaughey's voice and the script would be same as in Interstellar.

Q: Why didn't the rocket land on a drone ship?
A: It's true that after majority of Falcon 9 missions the booster lands on a drone ship, but in this particular case it was a Return To Launch Site type of landing. This video is about the B1050 booster which was supposed to do land on the land (not a drone ship), but a grid fin failure caused the spinning (hence the idea for an Interstellar parody). The rocket is programmed to move away to the ocean in case it loses control and that's what happened. The abort procedure not only prevented an accident, but even kept the booster mostly intact, so it was extremely impressive.

Q: Why didn't you show the explosion? This was a failed landing.
A: Because this booster didn't explode. It only tipped over.

Q: How can Elon breathe without the helmet?
A: The original character (Cooper) didn't wear a helmet (in this scene) either. This spaceship is pressurized, so people can breathe normally. This isn't just some science-fiction's simplification, but it's also true for current technology and real, flying spaceships, like SpaceX's Crew Dragon and Soyuz spacecraft. The spacesuits are only for precaution.

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