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Perfect Dam Construction Project! Incredible Next Level Dam Engineering, China & Turkey Megaproj

18 Jan 2022

This Amazing Video Is About How A Hydroelectric Power Plant Or Dam Is Built In China & Turkey. In The Last Decades Flood Have Caused Some Of The Biggest Damages In Recorded History. Engineering & Science Trie To Solve Such Problems By Even Killing Two Birds With One Stone. China's & Turkey's Energy Megaprojects Matter To Us All. A Dam Is A Mega Structure Where At The Beginning Dozens of Dump Trucks Dumped Rocks To Cut Off The River Or Stream To Hold Back Water. People Have Used Different Materials To Build Dams Over The Centuries. Ancient Dam Builders In Mesopotamia Used Natural Materials Such As Rocks Or Clay For Mini Dam Construction Mostly For Farm Land Irrigation Purposes. Modern Dam Builders Use Modern Materials Like Steel And Concrete, And Use Amazing Industry Machines, Extreme Heavy Equipment, Big Dump Truck Machines, Incredible Next Level Technology, Pouring Concrete For Dam Construction Machinery, And Some Of The Biggest Cranes In The World And Solving The Problem: How Dams Are Built Extremely Fast And Are Truly Mega Projects Beyond Compare Only A Few People Have Ever Seen. Manmade Dams Create Artificial Lakes Called Reservoirs. Dams Are Not Useless Megaprojects By Any Stretch Of The Imagination. Dams Are Important Because They Provide Water For Domestic, Industry, And Irrigation Purposes. The Biggest Dams Also Provide Hydroelectric Power Production And River Navigation. Dams And Their Reservoirs Provide Recreation Areas For Fishing And Boating. They Help People By Reducing And Preventing Floods. You, Will, Be Surprised To See How This Perfect Dam Construction Project Was Made By Incredible Next Level Engineering In One Of The World's Most Extreme Construction Sites In China & Turkey. It Will Serve The People In Their Everyday Life By Providing Electricity, Jobs And Tourism Money

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