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Banno Episode 63 HAR PAL GEO

23 Nov 2021

Banno narrates a heartwrenching love story entangled in between familial ties that require sacrifice and compromise at every step of life.After the death of her parents, Beena has been brought up by her uncle's family since childhood. Beena is a young and kind-hearted girl who tries to maintain peace with everyone in the family however her aunt's constant abuses and rude behaviour makes life difficult for her.On the other hand, Beena's cousin Saniya share a beautiful bond of friendship, love and respect with her. Saniya and Beena's life takes an unfortunate turn when Saniya's cousin Azlan instantly falls in love with Beena. Despite Azlan and Beena's mutual interest in each other, Saniya’s intrusion and love for Azlan begins to nurture feelings of hatred, revenge and resentment between the two cousins. The ever forgiving and compromising nature of Beena stops her from making any further advances towards Azlan. However, Saniya and her mother refuse to forgive Beena and become envious of her..

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