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Muhabbat Khel Tamasha Episode 7 TV One Drama

26 Mar 2020

Courageous young girl Maryam challenges the arrogant Sikandar not knowing she will have to marry him someday. Sikandar now wants revenge but so does Tania who was rejected by Sikandar. Tania incites Rameez who loves Mariam and wants her back. Now begins a painful journey for Mariam as she battles against all the conspiracies against her. Till she remembers she has a weapon that can defeat her enemies.

Cast: Imran Bukhari, Janita, Shazia Shah, Sara Elahi, Majid Rana, Asad Mahmood, Mahmood Akhtar, Sabahat Bukhari, Anwar Iqbal, Rubina Arif

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