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Mann-E-Iltija Episode 18 - Part 1 - 30 Jun 2020 ARY Digital Drama

03 Jul 2020

Mann-E-Iltija | The Journey Of Sisters Enduring Sacrifices

Mann-e-Iltija is the story of three sisters who dreamt of leading a successful life. Yet they land up with different fates after they get stilled in life.

Hania is the youngest and most ambitious of all. Maheen is younger sister with a practical approach in life. Hadia the eldest is the most sensible among all yet she faces the most trouble in life.

Mehwish Quershi as Hadia is the eldest sister and most sensible of all. She is married to Anayat.

Zainab Raja as Maheen is the younger sister who is practical in life. She faces a childhood marriage commitment by her parents with her cousin.

Amara Choudary as Hania is the youngest sister who wants to achieve all in life.

Farah Nadeem as Sameena is the mother of these lovely daughters!

Azad Butt as Faizan is the only brother of three sisters. He is the most pampered child of the family.

But this happy family soon becomes the victim of ill fate.

Kunwar Nafees as Anayat is Hadia’s husband who is her pride.

Taqi Ahmed as Moeez is Maheen’s cousin who is engaged to her since childhood and now they are forced to marry each other.

Eman Zaidi as Kashaf is Anayat’s second wife. After Hadia’s tragic incident Anayat decides to marry Kashaf.

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