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Perfect Japan Water Bridge Construction Technology Incredible Next Level Bridge Engineering

18 Jan 2022

This Amazing Video Is About How Bridges Are Build On Water. You Will Be Surprised To See How This Perfect Suspension Bridge Over Troubled Water Was Made By Incredible Next Level Engineering In One Of The World's Most Extreme Construction Sites In Japan. Even There Is Water In The Way Modern Construction Machines, Extreme Heavy Equipment And Incredible Megaprojects Technology Is Solving The Problem: How Bridges Are Built In Sea And Rivers. You Will See How Underwater Structures Called Cofferdams Are Put In Place By Pile Driving Sheet Metal So Bridge Columns Can Be Constructed. The New Japan Water Bridge Is Then Assembled With The Help Of Ships Called Crane Barges. They Have Some Of The Biggest Cranes In The World On Board For Lifting Those Heavy Box Girders & Bridge Columns To The Right Spot So Skilled Japanese Workers Can Screw & Weld Them Perfectly Together. When Bridge Construction And Road Construction Has Completed This Next Level Water Bridge In Japan Is Just Another Marvel Of Engineering In This Technologically Advanced Country. It Will Serve The People Of This City In Japan In Their Everyday Life To Cross Water So They Can Come From A - B In Almost No Time And Zero Stress.

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